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LAPD Cannot Arrest anyone inside Santiago Estates, Sylmar - Truth News

LAPD Cannot Arrest You Here in Sylmar, Commit any crime, no police!

A House in Sylmar you 
can live and commit any crimes without being arrested by LAPD 

Creek Fire Photos | Sylmar | Major Brushfire - Los Angeles 
Credits: Baddboyfilms News, Sylmar - Los Angeles Raw Footage Dec 8, 2017

The creek fire burning in Sylmar, Ca started inside a creek bed which surrounds a small private community called Santiago Estates. The Santiago Estates is a private mobile home park but it has prefab modular mobile homes built and sold there by the Santiago Estates themselves. You can find out more if you search for their home sales in Zillow (.com).

They try to get people to buy into their homes. Nothing wrong with the homes but the catch is that they are not incorporated within the City limits of Los Angeles.

 Their land is private property. It is not incorporated. This means that they are responsible to create and hire their own Fire Dept. , Law enforcement and all other public use services that the residents of the city of L.A. usually take for granite. Homeowners within the city limits of Los Angeles pay what is called property taxes which pays for all those emergency services, police, fire, paramedics, etc. 

Santiago Estates is surrounded by U.S. Federal Government owned property. It’s disconnected by fact from any part of the country of Los Angeles. Though it sits near Sylmar, CA, within it’s limits it doesn’t sit. But the Santiago Estates in Google maps is labeled as a place located in Sylmar, CA.

 But in reality, it is not Sylmar, CA because their land, again is not incorporated within the limits of the city property taxation districts of Los Angeles. They do not have their own Police Dept, they are in trouble if they need the police, LAPD refuses to step foot on their private property. They will not respond to police calls for help at the Santiago Estates. If there is a fire, like what took place inside the Creek Fire, the Santiago Estates homeowners faced their homes damaged due to the helplessness of their town, no fire department no help coming while their homes caught fire and burned to the ground.

 No one helped them. There was one fire truck there attempting to battle all the home fires at the same time. They are a business you hire, pay them a fee and they will help or otherwise they won’t work for free. The Santiago Estates actually had to hire these firefighters which train like the real firefighters of L.A. Some are former or ex-firefighters from other places in the USA. 

Buy your dream home in the Santiago Estates, the ads rant off on Zillow, Hurry, buy it fast, won't last, their slurry ads always tell you to hurry and don't wait, buy yours today, faster the better.

When the creek fire ignited by arson, again, this is therapy because since being it is federal owned lands, the Cal Fire or arson of LA has no jurisdiction to go on that land to investigate. They didn’t. 

They refused to go to Santiago Estates to investigate each house that burned because, again, the homeowners refuse to pay property taxes to the city of Los Angeles, therefore the homeowners of the Santiago Estates are 100% surely one their own. “Buy a long garden hose, if it will reach, but if you lose water… that’s an investment that you have to think about when buying into a home inside this private property. No police, Fire, Paramedics to save you or your home from fire, thieves, trouble, a heart attack? That property has to be a weekender, I wouldn’t assume people would actually jump on that deal. It’s suicide. (opinion). 

 Creek Fire, Sylmar lite up and people got evacuated by the Santiago Estates Office employees. No one evacuated personally. It was just the office telling people they should prepare to leave. But then after the homeowners left, suspicious house fires ignited around the blocks. Plants caught fire, it was like their creeping Charlie’s dangling from a roof’s edge burned their whole house to the ground. 

Or one lady’s home was gutted from what I noted as a window sill amber sitting on her sill of her front window, one neighbor said to Baddboyfilms News, that it was what he saw sitting on her window sill as it caught her whole home on fire (After she had vacated the property) but this man next door told us, he didn’t evacuate. He stayed.

 He saw all these things and how their homes began to burn and he didn’t try to stop it. It was like the guy knew how 5 homes caught on fire including a truck, (he was laughing at the truck and jeep) and he laughed telling us about the lady’s home gutted next to his, how he watched her’s catch fire from a log on fire jumped onto her window sill and ignited her whole “stupid, he said, house making her homeless, he laughed” before leaving us in this private interview. We remember his address but it isn’t important. From what he said and how he told the facts, it was obvious that this Santiago Estates is not a cool place. People are angry with their neighbors. 

Homeowners returned to the Santiago Estates after the Office employees of the Santiago Estates called them up to tell them that the fire emergency town evacuation order was uplifted inside the Santiago Estates in Sylmar and the Creek Fire had been extinguished by firefighters but also it burned itself out inside the Santiago Estates, Sylmar. Here is what the family saw when they got back home, only to find their home and everything they owned for 30 years . 

Some homeowners returned and they fell crying to their knees in the middle of their street in front of their homes that were gutted by fire. Other neighbors came and laughed at them, made fun of them, it was a sad day to see evil come from some people who didn't lose anything but yet laughed openly at those who did. 

I don't know what this place is. Evil is abundant amongst the neighbors. It's selfishness and the sour bitter that comes from people who have the hearts of cold. Made me wonder if their house fires were actually started by nature or not. It looked suspiciously obvious that neighbors hated one another. a sad place to live. 

For $125,000 you can buy and own your very own home and single property lot here in Sylmar, CA Los Angeles. But that is, if you don’t mind managing your own neighbors. Anything can happen here. 

... All of your childhood pictures, memories, all gone...

No one can call a Police to help. It’s funny. I would be worried about knowing anyone, get a few guns and some other ammo. Booby-Traps. It’s sick but we met up with a few of their wanna-be gangsta’s. The FBI would eat this place up. All those drug labs, all those humane Traffikers, all those criminal hideouts , all that Mexican mafia MS13, anything goes at Santiagos. 

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